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Funding News

August/September/October 2017

The Methodist Church is very kindly organising a Coffee Morning and Cake Stall in the Church Hall at 10.00am on Saturday, January 13th with the proceeds going to Borrowbrook. Please come along and support us – and buy lots of cakes! We’ll see you there!

Our friends from Kaleidoscope made a very generous donation of £250 which will help greatly with our Christmas programme.

Debbie from Deb’n’Hair visited our office with a further donation collected from her customers which makes over £500 so far this year! This is a lady who really cares for our older parishioners, appreciates what our charity does for them, and is prepared to go the extra mile to make it all work.

The Ockbrook & Borrowash Parochial Church Council donated a welcomed £750 which will help tremendously with the running costs of our Advice Centre and Activity Lounge over the winter period.

Our sincere thanks go to our members who either donate money to our charity monthly or as a one off sum to the office. This is a great source of income which allows us to budget for the future. We have some very generous members and we really do appreciate them.

We are approaching a nail-biting time as the grant from the Allen Lane Foundation which has financed a large part of our running costs over the past two years ends in March 2018. This grant was vital as it gave us the impetus to continue after our funding with the Big Lottery Fund ended. We have hopes of approaching the Allen Lane Foundation again in 2019 but have to get there first, and even then persuade them that we deserve a further grant.

Unfortunately early 2018 also sees reviews from our other major funding sources, the Derbyshire County Council and our own Parish Council. These grants are not only important in ensuring continuity of our services to the older adults of the parish but pass a message to other would-be funding agencies that we are considered to be a trustworthy and worthwhile cause. All we can do is hope that the two councils view our support work with the older adults of the community as important enough to extend grants for running costs until such time as an opportunity comes along from another source. This is of course dependent though on whether the Councils have this money to award as they too have many other commitments. Whatever happens though we will always be very grateful for the genuine concern shown for our members by our councils in the past.


The End of Another Year – A New Challenge Ahead

Well, the Christmas tree will be going up in the office again soon for the twelfth time and we will be planning our 2018 programme aimed at providing opportunities for the older adults of our parish to either meet up socially or at least be connected via contact through our Magazine and Advice Centre. Both of these are vitally important to a large number of people who will otherwise face loneliness through isolation. Obviously a lot of our members suffer disabilities through age and can no longer get out and about as they used to, but there is also a growing number of people, many who lose their partners, who lack the incentive to travel or meet socially and are restricted to living a more solitary life – but they still need to see that someone out there knows they exist and are thinking of them. As one of our members put it “It is not my legs that stop me from going out of the door, it is my mind.”

We currently deliver our Magazine and various greeting cards to over 250 houses in the parish. We know that the Magazines are then passed around to friends, family and neighbours so on the basis that approximately 750 houses are inhabited by over 60’s our message of unity and caring is widely transmitted.

We continue to operate our activities programme wherever possible although our limited finance means that we now have to make a charge for transport, room hire and utilise smaller coaches for trips.

Even though life is more difficult since losing our comprehensive funding however we are still managing to fight the loneliness and isolation of our members thanks to our staff, volunteers and the fantastic people of our parish who play such a vital part in making it all work.

There are very few groups out there who can match our success in the field of supporting the independence of their own local older adults as our various awards and national recognition confirms, but the whole community also plays a vital part in this.

The schools for helping us to create better integration between the generations, and the Royal Oak for supplying superb meals at an affordable price. The Rotary Club of Church Wilne for an enjoyable day out at their Spring Party and our Parish Council which is always looking for ways of entertaining parishioners and supporting groups like ours where possible. The Erewash Community Transport for their customer focussed service and our local Methodist Church that we rely heavily on for the use of our lounge, the hall and kitchen for our coffee mornings and social club.

So, after celebrating Christmas we will start 2018 with a challenge ahead due to funding but we will succeed – We Have To!


Legacies and Donations:

We are proud that so many of our members and their respective families are grateful that such a local charity as ours exists and that they fully support the work that we do in the community.

Our continued presence however is largely dependent on the generosity of our parishioners and although we would never want any of our members to feel under any pressure nor consider changing any arrangements already in place, leaving a gift in your will to our charity can result in improving your friends or even one of your family members future life.

Our charity exists only for the purpose of supporting the older adults of this wonderful parish to live independently in their own homes as safely and happily as possible.

We are determined to maintain a strong presence in the area with our office and Advice Centre and a team of local volunteers to help run a programme of events and activities which is designed to bring members together and convert ‘members’ into friends.

As a charity we are not global, or national, we are local – very local. “Charity begins at home” really does apply to the Borrowbrook.

Please think of us when you plan a legacy or a donation as it could change the life of someone that you know. Thank you.


The Borrowbrook Office

Our office, which is situated opposite the Methodist Church in Chapel Row, Borrowash, should normally be open on weekday mornings between 9:00am and 12:00pm and a push bell is fitted by which you can gain attention. It is open to sell tickets for activities or to help with any other matters. It is however never certain that anyone will be there, so if you are making a special journey to visit us, you are advised to ring first on 01332 280111.



The office will be closed for the Christmas break

From: 12:00pm on Friday 22nd December 2017

To: 9:00am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Please continue to use our telephone answer-phone service to leave any messages during that period. We will be looking forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.


Borrowbrook Home Link

Annual General Meeting

11:00am – Thursday 8th February 2018

in the Borrowbrook Lounge – Borrowash

We would like to invite all Borrowbrook Home Link members and volunteers to attend the Annual General Meeting with a view to being involved in how the scheme is run. The audited accounts up to the 30th September 2017 will be presented together with a review of the scheme and other items. Our organisation is run on behalf of the members and the elected committee is there to serve them. We are therefore always happy to receive your views on how it is progressing.


The Management Committee,

Colin and Angela,

Would like to wish everyone