Bereavement Service

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To fill a perceived need in our community Borrowbrook Home Link and the Borrowash Methodist Church have formed a Bereavement Support Group which  meets in either the Parlour or the Borrowbrook  Lounge, which are both located in the Methodist Church Hall, on the second Thursday of each month between 10.30am and noon. Our trained volunteers will be happy to meet folk who wish to call in for a coffee, tea or chat to share their experiences and receive the support of others to help them through their grieving process.

Borrowbrook has been active in the parish for over 12 years now and have had many of our members visit or telephone our office with the sad news that a spouse, relative or friend has died which has left them feeling numb and confused. We have all experienced bereavement but grieving is a complex and very personal emotion and although our staff will always try to offer any help possible we are pleased that the new dedicated Support Group has been formed and will be able to give an extended service to those who seek it.

We have found however that there are of course many other reasons why our members suddenly feel devastated and in need of comfort and someone sympathetic to talk to as throughout our life we suffer many losses – a forced move to a new area leaving neighbours and friends, the loss of a much loved pet, a broken relationship within the family, a burglary and the most common, the loss of personal mobility or the diagnosis of a serious or even terminal illness.

Each new loss often brings back in our memory the pain of previous losses, and we can feel depressed or anxious and inclined to shut ourselves away. However, it very often helps if there’s someone we can talk to and share our story with.

Now these ‘other’ reasons for sudden feelings of despair are not as final as bereavement but we don’t want to trivialise them as we are aware from personal experiences and from talking to those involved how badly it has affected them at the time and how much they need someone to share the moment with.

So, for this reason, if any of our members feel that they need to talk to someone about an experience which has caused them considerable distress, they can contact our office and we will be pleased to introduce them to one of our trained support group at an appropriate meeting place. We must stress that we are not an emergency service though and can only work within normal office hours.

As with any contact with the office confidentiality is very important and we will only pass on details of your conversation with us if requested to do so by you.