Board of Trustees

  • Robert Norton (Chair)
  • Andrew Alexander (Treasurer)
  • Dr Gordon Crompton
  • Janet Pinchbeck
  • Peter Bagley
  • Val Bulman
  • Shirley Dawson (Honorary President)

Our management committee is made up of people with expertise in this branch of charity work and many of them have been involved with Borrowbrook since the early days of its formation.

  • Robert Norton: (Chair) Worked in the social care/public sectors for over 28 years,  including Age UK, and provides knowledge of wider policy areas.
  • Andrew Alexander: (Treasurer) A local solicitor who prepared our constitution and oversees insurances, policies and DABS checks.
  • Gordon Crompton: A retired local GP and senior medical officer to Trent College.
  • Janet Pinchbeck: Experienced in local charity work.
  • Peter Bagley: Retired businessman and Merchant Navy captain.  Joined the committee as a ‘member’s representative’.
  • Val Bulman: Retired infant school teacher, with experience in local charity work.
  • Shirley Dawson: (Honorary President)  Chairs our Parish Liaison Meetings, leads our Bereavement Support Group and a key figure in our fund-raising. Formerly a bereavement counsellor (Cruse and Macmillan) she has 34 years as a local community activist working in voluntary work with lonely and housebound senior citizens.