Funding News


Councillor Michael White presents a cheque to Angela for £300 from the Councillors Community Fund towards the running costs of our Advice Centre.

We continue to receive very welcome donations from individuals, groups and organisations throughout the parish which are essential to provide the necessary running costs to keep our busy Advice Centre open.

Over the past few months we have received donations from the Over 60’s Club, the Moravian Church, the New Street Home Group, Deb’n’Hair, The Ockbrook and Borrowash W.I. (sponsored walk) the Redhill School (collection at their carol service) and Rolls Royce which donated £100 as many of their ex-employees still live in the parish.

We also received the last grant payment from the Allen Lane Foundation recently which has been helping with our running costs. We were extremely fortunate to get the grant because there are so few given to support older adults nowadays, and at a time when the need is at its peak! We will pass on our sincere thanks to them and try to stay in touch because who knows, it would be fantastic if they would consider supporting us in the future if their constitution allows.

Derbyshire County Council, Social Services, Older Adults Department and our own Parish Council continue to help with our running costs through grant payments and we should be very grateful that they support our charity and more importantly care what happens to the older adults of the parish. These grants are constantly subject to reviews due to their own budget cuts and we just keep on hoping that something significant happens which will allow these grants to continue to be given.

Our members also continue to give generously both through regular payments and one off donations and we are especially grateful for these personal gifts.

One lady donated £200 which was left at the end of the year after she had paid all of her household bills. That was undoubtedly the least painful payment that she made.

We also received a ‘legacy’ from ‘Mitzy’ the cat whose owner donated a year’s value in vet bills to commemorate her pet’s sad passing.

We also received a collection taken at the funeral of one of our members for which we were very grateful. All of our members are very special to us but this particular lady ticked all of the boxes of what we try to do. She was referred to us by one of our Medical Centres after losing her husband. They had been very close and because of that she had lost the ability to mix with others and had become depressed and withdrawn since her loss. She eventually agreed to speak with us and gradually over a couple of years became very active, enjoyed many of our activities and formed some lasting friendships with members who will no doubt miss her company.

Legacies and Donations:

We are proud that so many of our members, and their respective families are grateful that such a local charity as ours exists and that they fully support the work that we do in the community.

Our continued presence however is largely dependent on the generosity of our parishioners and although we would never want any of our members to feel under any pressure nor consider changing any arrangements already in place, leaving a gift in your will to our charity can result in improving your friends or even one of your family members future life.

Our charity exists only for the purpose of supporting the older adults of this wonderful parish to live independently in their own homes as safely and happily as possible.

We are determined to maintain a strong presence in the area with our office and advice centre and a team of local volunteers to help run a programme of events and activities which is designed to bring members together and convert ‘members’ into friends.

As a charity we are not global, or national, we are local – very local. “Charity begins at home” really does apply to the Borrowbrook.

Please think of us when you plan a legacy or a donation as it could change the life of someone that you know. Thank you.



Shirley Dawson who stood down as a trustee at this year’s AGM after nearly 18 years of service with our charities committee is pictured following a short presentation after the meeting. Shirley will still be around however as she has accepted an invitation to the post as our Honorary President and in this capacity will continue to represent us at various meetings and functions and play an important part in our continued search for funds.