“I was so lost and then when I joined (after the loss of my husband) I started to think there was something to live for and I appreciate very much the kindness of the staff and everyone else who helps.”

“Borrowbrook Home Link brings lots of people together. For the people who perhaps would never see anyone through the day, there’s someone at the other end of the phone. Something to look forward to – trips, lunches, chair exercises, popping in for a coffee and biscuit, ‘chatting’ getting rid of isolation. There is always something to look forward to. Your confidence grows and you feel valued. Long Live ‘Borrowbrook’.”

“It brings together lonely and isolated older people in the villages and gives them a feeling of worth. It has a wonderful reputation locally.”

“I feel it creates a life line to members especially those who are housebound. It’s like having a very good friend who you can rely on. I would like to say a big thank you to all involved in running the Borrowbrook Home Link. May it continue for many years.”

“No need to ever feel alone. We are very lucky to have such a Scheme. Well done and thank you.”

“Being there when needed – as a source of help, support and information. Being proactive in supporting the elderly in the community, especially those living alone. The community would be significantly poorer without its presence.”

“For the elderly it is of great comfort to know ‘We are NOT alone’. We know that – if needed, help is a phone call away. We are more confident. Our ‘MEETINGS’ are important. Somewhere we can go for a chat and a cuppa. Somewhere, where people have time to listen. ‘Good luck’ to Borrowbrook Home Link’ LONG MAY YOU REIGN.”

“How do I fit a quart into a pint pot? I enjoy all my contacts with Borrowbrook Home Link. They offer friendship, caring and advice, which is as up to date as possible. I know the lunches and coffee mornings are looked forward to by many people and I have never heard a complaint about the services offered, except perhaps people would like more.”

“The Borrowbrook Home Link brings joy, happiness and laughter to many peoples lives as well as combating isolation and loneliness. Borrowash would not be the same without them!”

“It gives a very friendly, familiar, helpful contact here in the village. Same faces, same caring attitude. Brings me in from being an individual to being part of the village community. Feeling low? Take a walk into the village and meet and chat to fellow members that I didn’t use to know.”

“Bringing people together and enjoying fellowships and for that I thank you all in my prayers every night.”

“I was born in Borrowash and over the years have seen huge changes in the parish, house building etc. and it seemed to lose its village identity, but with the advent of Borrowbrook Home Link it is regaining its togetherness. Long may it continue.”

“You do not realise the sadness of being on your own until this actually happens. Borrowbrook Home Link has been very supportive to its members and that is so beneficial. They bring lots of people together who may be very lonely, stop the isolation, people make new friends, laugh, chat, it gives people more confidence. The transport helps the less mobile to have some independence. Brings the young and old people together. A great organisation.”

“It is a friendly society and helps keep people in touch whether house-bound or mobile, so please, please Borrowbrook Home Link may you long continue. We need you. Many thanks.”

“It’s like having an extended family and brings people together. Some people could be quite shy but after attending any of the activities they become confident. Friendship is a word I would use. Stops isolation and improves your self-esteem by making new friends. Well done Borrowbrook Home Link.”

The Former Head of Ockbrook School: “The experience of meeting with members of Borrowbrook widens the students’ horizons outside their immediate social circle and beyond their own age group. It also helps the students to develop confidence in handling unfamiliar situations, meeting a wider range of people, some of whom suffer from disabilities.”