Training Members

As we believe that computer literacy is very important to our members as more national and financial services become unavailable from local sources such as Post Offices, and we see the internet as a very important tool for both communication and in reducing isolation we try, when funding can be found, to run computer courses in our lounge. We also hold a stock of computer training manuals which members are welcome to utilise and we are constantly looking for ways of encouraging our older adults to engage in computer usage.

We have some special ‘easy to use’ mobile phones that members can look at and try out in the hope that they can adapt to this useful tool.

Occasionally we organise presentations on subjects that we feel our members and other parishioners would find helpful such as understanding dementia, local policing, healthcare, bereavement etc.

We have also had the opportunity to send a team of our members into our local schools to teach others by giving presentations gained from personal experiences in subjects such as rationing during the war.