Who funds us?

We are pleased to state that we have enjoyed extremely good relationships with all the funding agencies and the councils that have supported us over the years. Our financial control of the contracts has always been praised and we have shown that not only have we been capable of delivering the required outcomes but have exceeded the requirements wherever possible.

In 2006 a three year grant was awarded by the Big Lottery Fund which was supplemented by financial support from the Derbyshire County Council. This enabled the Scheme to employ a Project Co-ordinator and a Project Personal Assistant and to move into suitable leased premises from which it could operate together with the necessary running costs.

Although we applied for a continuation grant from the Big Lottery Fund in early 2009, it was initially rejected due to the demand for grants exceeding the budget. We were delighted therefore when Lloyds TSB Foundation stepped in to cover staff salaries for one year and Derbyshire County Council, Social Services, Older Adults Group, agreed to cover the full running costs of a new purpose built office that had been donated to our charity by a parishioner who wanted to ensure that our work with the elderly of the parish continued.

In early 2010 we were contacted by the Big Lottery Fund who had held our earlier grant application on file and following a large injection of money into their organisation was now offering a five year part funding grant to last till April 2015. The terms of the grant requested that the Derbyshire County Council, Social Services, Older Adults Group should continue to support Borrowbrook on the basic running costs of the office and we were extremely grateful to the DCC for managing to achieve that commitment over the five years despite severe cuts in its budget.

As the end date of our funding drew closer we worked tirelessly to make our charity as sustainable as we could whilst also taking into consideration that our elderly members have little disposable income and must not be driven back into obscurity.

We were also very active in fund-raising in an effort to boost our reserves to ensure that our services, albeit reduced, could be extended for as long as possible. Donations from local businesses, churches, organisations and individuals had always played a big part in our ability to operate successfully and we were very pleased that these continued to be evident.

We submitted several grant applications at the start of 2015 but unfortunately supporting the elderly seemed to have temporarily gone out of fashion – just as those same elderly became even more vulnerable due to extensive cuts in social services, transport and ever diminishing places to meet up.

Thankfully in early 2016 however things started to look considerably brighter. A grant application to the Allen Lane Foundation was successful and they very generously offered to finance part of our salary costs for the next two years which really gave us the incentive to keep moving forward.

Derbyshire County Council which has provided vital running costs towards keeping our Office/Advice Centre open will hopefully still see us as a good investment through helping to keep our older residents safe and happy in their own homes.

A monthly grant from our Local Parish Council and three one-off grants from local councillors from their official donation accounts have also been gratefully received with the money going towards the welfare of our members.

So, although there is a long way to go before we can actually start operating efficiently again and supporting our older adults satisfactorily, the signs are better and hopefully with continued help from the residents of the parish, the organisations, churches, businesses, local government and other funding agencies?, we can keep moving forward.